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Before Akpantanibo died, everyone knew it was only a matter of time; and in unanimous consensus, they felt when it happens, it would be

Distorted image of a pregnant woman

Teenage pregnancy is a recurring theme in the Nigerian experience. It is estimated that between 1.8 to 2.7 million women resort to abortion annually


Prologue I wanted to write this ‘essay’ as an essay – a long form of words organised in deep sentences and weighty paragraphs explaining where


  On the day you turned 22, your father invited someone to your wedding. You were single, broke, unemployed, confused and not in love with


BACK GOES THE HUMMINGBIRD   The eagle glided and screeched to a halt Deserting prey to find another course Alas! King of Aves Why do you retreat in such


In Afonja, the Rise, Tunde Leye attempts to bring to life important historical events. The book chronicles the lives of select political actors and