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Soulful Messages & Landscapes: Afolabi Fakunmoju 

Afolabi Fakunmoju 

Afolabi Fakunmoju is an artist whose journey through the world of art is as vibrant and diverse as his creations. Specialising in landscape digital art, Afolabi’s works are vibrant and dreamy, and can be considered as an aspirational representation of real life.


Born into a family with a deep appreciation for creativity, Afolabi was exposed to art from a young age. His early experiences with painting and drawing ignited a passion that would shape his future. Growing up, Afolabi and his brothers would often spend hours designing and creating various artworks, fueling his love for the creative process. This early exposure instilled in him a profound respect for the power of art to communicate emotions and ideas


Though Afolabi did not pursue a degree in Art, he however, learnt under mentors who guided and helped him sharpen his skills in the traditional art forms. He was relentless in his pursuit of excellence and delved further through self study into art and technology.



Inspired by artists such as Nike Davies-Okudaye, a textile maestro and founder of Nike Art Gallery, Afolabi’s work is a testament to his passion for nature and his desire to inspire others to appreciate its beauty. Through his art, he aims to convey a message of conservation and environmental stewardship, urging his audience to protect the natural world for future generations.


Afolabi’s art is deeply rooted in his love for nature. As a child, he was captivated by the beauty of the natural world, from the mesmerizing sight of a sunset to the gentle rhythm of rain falling. This deep connection with nature is reflected in his artwork, which seeks to capture the awe, simplicity, and tranquility of the natural world.


He emerged onto the digital art scene with his unique name ‘Folly’s Creative Art’, armed with a unique perspective and a keen eye for detail. His work began to gain attention for its seamless integration of nature’s beauty with digital techniques, captivating audiences worldwide.


Afolabi Fakunmoju  draws inspiration from a myriad of sources, from the delicate intricacies of a butterfly’s wings to the vastness of the cosmos. Influenced by the works of notable artists, he developed a style uniquely his own, characterized by vibrant colours, intricate details, and a sense of wonder that permeates every piece.


Afolabi Fakunmoju 


Throughout his career, Afolabi has produced a stunning body of work that has garnered acclaim and recognition. From solo exhibitions to collaborations with renowned brands, his art has captivated audiences across diverse platforms. Notable works include “A Tree of Seasons”, “Instinct and Nature”, “Sunset Island”, each a testament to their boundless creativity and technical prowess.


As he honed his skills, Afolabi Fakunmoju  embarked on various projects that showcased his talent and creativity. From working on the ‘ARTBOXY’ project in Berlin, Germany, to the ‘THE HOLY ART’ project in London, United Kingdom, Afolabi’s work has been recognized for its unique blend of innovation and tradition.


Afolabi’s journey through art is a testament to the transformative power of creativity. From his early experiences with art to his current endeavors, he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, inspiring others with his passion and talent.



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