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Armstrong Agoreyo Explores Artistry Through Upcycling

Armstrong Agoreyo, a talented artist known for his unique paper collage artworks, traces his artistic roots back to his childhood, when he discovered the world of cartoons and comic books. Influenced by adventures of characters like Tin-Tin and the Super Strikers, Armstrong began to spend hours drawing and expressing himself through various mediums.


He found support from a family that values creativity and was encouraged to explore his artistic side. While not all his siblings pursued creative endeavors professionally, they shared a deep appreciation for the arts and innovation, fostering an environment where artistic pursuits were celebrated.


Armstrong discovered his unique collage style after completing his NCE at the Federal College of Education Osiele Abeokuta. Faced with the high cost of paint and art materials, he turned to paper as a medium, utilizing intricate paper cuts to form his artworks. This unconventional approach sparked his creativity and laid the foundation for his distinctive artistic style.


Inspired by artists like Okwoju El – Dragg Leonard and Salvador Dali, Armstrong aims to build narratives around his artworks to combat waste and convey messages of environmental sustainability, consumerism, and human connection to nature. Through his art, he seeks to evoke a range of emotions and inspire reflection on these important themes.


Armstrong Agoreyo


His process involves slicing and dicing various pieces of paper, after which he would use fluid acrylic to place these pieces on his canvas, creating the image he wants. Armstrong’s ideas vary but they always share a cultural, human perspective. The subject might be a northern lady carving out a calabash, a drummer from the western part of Nigeria or it can be two people witnessing and experiencing a cosmic event.


Armstrong Agoreyo


One of Armstrong Agoreyo’s  proudest projects is “Intrepid Generation,” where he repurposed discarded materials into intricate collage pieces, exploring themes of environmentalism and social justice. Another notable series, “When Hope Fails,” aimed to provoke thought on consumption and waste, using layers of meaning embedded within waste materials. Additionally, “Resilient Remnant” celebrated the resilience of nature through collage portraits of endangered species, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts.


Currently residing in the United Kingdom, Armstrong left Nigeria to further his studies in art and explore art conception and interpretation in other continents. He believes that art can serve as a powerful catalyst for change and is dedicated to inspiring others to rethink their consumption habits and advocate for a more sustainable future.


Armstrong Agoreyo


Looking ahead, Armstrong Agoreyo plans to continue his work in environmental sustainability and waste reduction through his paper collage art. His next exhibition will delve deeper into these themes, showcasing the beauty of repurposed materials while raising awareness about pressing environmental issues. Through his art, Armstrong hopes to inspire others to take action towards a more eco-friendly future, driving his passion for creativity and environmental advocacy.


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