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Life Messages in Fantastical Works: Samuel Olajide

Samuel Olajide of Suprtoons Trove creates his art with multiple layers within. While the bright colours and cartoon-esque presentation might appeal to children, the meanings that lie beneath the surface make them satisfying for second, third and fourth viewings. 


Growing up in a polygamous family, where companionship was scarce, art became not just a hobby but a lifeline for Samuel. Drawing inspiration from classic cartoons and comics, he developed a distinctive style known as the Suprtoon trove—a visual universe characterized by bold lines, vibrant colors, and exaggerated expressions. “This fusion of humour and visual storytelling became my trademark, reflecting my personality and experiences.” the artist said.


Samuel Olajide


For Samuel, whose childhood was marked by solitude: art was more than just a form of self-expression—it was a means of escape, a way to create a world where imagination knew no bounds. Each character brought to life on the canvas, was a testament to his imagination and resilience in the face of adversity.


Suprtoon Trove goes beyond being an artistic style and extends as a medium for Samuel’s person and worldview. Through whimsical illustrations and heartfelt portraits, Samuel uses Suprtoon art to evoke a range of emotions, from joy and laughter to introspection and empathy. The art is a celebration of the beauty of imagination and the power of storytelling to connect people from all walks of life.


Samuel has ventured into a number of creative projects that align with his artistic vision. In his Fantasy World Series, he leans on the supernatural and ethereal to pass messages grounded in the world. In a piece titled Lust, a mermaid seduces a fisherman from his small canoe. He also touches on this issue in ‘The Red Potion’ which is a visual representation of the honeypot trap, it features a young man being enthralled by a female demon. “I poured my heart and soul into creating these vibrant and detailed scenes, and seeing them come to life brought me immense joy and satisfaction.” He said.


Samuel Olajide - Lust

Samuel Olajide – Lust


Another project that Samuel holds dear is the “Faces of Resilience” series where he uses his art to celebrate people that have braved adversity. “This project allowed me to connect with people on a deeply emotional level and shed light on the power of resilience and perseverance through art.” It would seem that his personal journey of discovering art, and becoming a cartoonist plays a role in this. Some of these works feel like single panels waiting to be developed into full fledged scripts, sprawling stories that can be expanded upon.


Samuel shows human duality and nature in True Colors’ which depicts a woman switching her face, or personality. Divine Empathy features a meditating angel as his wings get fixed by a young woman. The stories in Suprtoon works abound. “For me, storytelling isn’t just about adding depth to the artwork; it’s about breathing life into it, giving it meaning beyond the strokes of the pen or brush. It’s about inviting others to step into the imaginative worlds I’ve created, to laugh with the characters, to feel their joys and struggles, and to be swept away by the magic of storytelling.” said Samuel.


Samuel Olajide - Lust


For his next exhibition, Samuel Olajide of Suprtoon wants to explore the interplay between nature and technology even further. With themes that celebrate diversity and inclusion, they aim to spark dialogue and inspire creativity in others. “I aim to create an immersive experience with interactive elements and collaborations with fellow artists and the community.” the artist said.


While Suprtoon Trove passes the eye test, it has to be said that Samuel’s art is not just about creating beauty; but about making a difference in the world. Whether it’s through subtle storytelling or thought-provoking imagery, Samuel Olajide simply strives to shine a light on important issues and inspire positive change.


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