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Pushing Boundaries with Nature Inspired Art: Isaiah Oyelade

Isaiah Oyelade creates nature inspired art for himself and the audience. These works are culturally relevant and have connected with people in Africa and beyond. Growing up in Nigeria, Isaiah comes from a strict family and found solace in drawing birds and insects, inspired by the vibrant colors and intricate details of nature. His fascination with cartoon insects, nurtured by weekend TV indulgences, laid the foundation for his artistic journey, which has since blossomed into a remarkable career.


At the age of 14, Isaiah’s talent began to shine as he effortlessly captured the essence of live objects with his pencil. He recalls, “I vividly remember sketching birds and insects, each stroke a reflection of my fascination with the world around me.” Despite restrictions on TV watching during weekdays, weekends became a canvas for his creativity, adorning his room with numerous sketches that displayed his growing skill and passion for art.


At the age of 16, Isaiah added watercolour to his palette to bring in more depth and impression to his artwork. His first sale, a drawing of a giraffe at his secondary school graduation party, marked a turning point in his journey. He recalls, ” It was a large drawing of a giraffe, and a guest purchased it solely to encourage my artistic endeavors. Following this, I received requests from several individuals to create customized pieces for them.” Even though the money received was just a token, Isaiah was awed his art could connect with people, and this experience re-energised him.


Isaiah Oyelade

Isaiah Oyelade


When Isaiah got into the University to study an IT related course,, he discovered digital art. As a computer enthusiast, Isaiah quickly embraced the flexibility and intricacy digital art offers.. “Digital art opened up a whole new world for me,” he says. “It allowed me to experiment with different styles and techniques, pushing the boundaries of my imagination.”


Isaiah’s art is nature inspired and it comes across as a vibrant interpretation of various animals he sees around him and in the documentaries he watches. He draws a leopard with splotches of over seven colours, his Toucan is a symmetrical illustration-esque painting.  The background most times are crafted to not draw attention away from the animal’s features themselves. These works aim to promote animal and wildlife appreciation and preservation, conveying messages of joy, humor, and resilience. “Art is a channel for emotions,” he says. “It tells a story, focusing on narrative, character development, and setting the mood.”


While his parents were skeptical about his artistic career at the onset, leaning more towards a corporate lifestyle for sustainability, Isaiah continued with his passion despite these odds. He continued to create and spread his works till he was able to make a living off of it. Seeing this changed the narrative from his family.  “As I continued to pursue my passion for art and make a living from it, my parents have become my biggest fans, still amazed by my dedication to the craft.” 


Isaiah’s move to the UK in 2021 marked a new chapter in his journey, where he now works part-time while also selling his artwork online and at exhibitions worldwide. These works have been shown at Madeke Gallery UK, Casa Del Arte Palma in Spain, Andie Art Gallery in Greece and Thomson Gallery in Switzerland. Isaiah’s ambition to start his own art gallery in the UK reflects his desire to further promote art and culture, showcasing his versatility and adaptability as an artist.


Isaiah Oyelade

Isaiah Oyelade


As he prepares for his upcoming exhibition in New York, Isaiah’s driving force remains his imagination, which influences almost everything he does. His art continues to create renewed appreciation for nature within everyone that comes across it. The potential for an artist in this niche is endless as his works when geared toward awareness can speak out about poaching and preserving certain endangered species. It is also possible for him to use his art to educate about the dangers of invasive species and various largescale attacks human productivity has launched on nature.

For these interests and art style, it seems Isaiah Oyelade’s work is ever more relevant, urgent and pressing.


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