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Temi Omisakin: Speaking to the World Through String Art

Temi Omisakin

Art, and inspiration pertaining to creativity often finds its roots in the most unexpected places. For Temi Omisakin, a burgeoning artist making waves in the art scene, her journey began in the intimate confines of her childhood home. “How were you first exposed to art?” The Blotted asked her, eager to unravel the narrative that led her to the distinctive world of string art.


“My dad is an artist, and he is very versatile,” she began, a nostalgic glint in her eyes. “I watched him draw, paint, and mold sculptures while growing up. Art was a constant presence in my life, but I struggled with traditional mediums.” Drawing especially, Temi couldn’t draw and for a while it seemed like she would play the role of an admirer of arts, rather than an artist. Temi went on to pursue an Economics degree in Tai Solarin University.


However, she still pursued a creative path, taking a particular  interest in interior design. It was while working on an interior-related project shuffling pinterest and other moodboards that she found String Art. Temi felt she could try it out herself, and then got the needed equipment to bring this experimental project to life. She learnt from the internet, Youtube– most of her tutors, in the slavic regions where this type of art is rave, didn’t speak English. “But I could figure it out by following what they were doing.” she recalled. As what comes with the learning process, Temi allowed herself to make mistakes, learn from them and perfect her craft in the process.


String art, a form that relies on numbers and patterns rather than traditional drawing or painting is created by weaving strings or threads between points to form geometric patterns, designs, or images. The process involves arranging nails or pins on a surface in a specific pattern and then connecting those points with colorful threads or strings.1. “It allowed me to express my creativity and create unique pieces without the constraints of conventional art forms. Because of how String art is, you can learn it. You don’t have to draw, you just have to calculate.” she explained. This newfound passion became a transformative force, proving that art knows no boundaries and can manifest in diverse and unexpected forms.


Temi Omisakin

Temi Omisakin, String Art Project


Temi Omisakin takes pride in two portrait projects that epitomize her artistic journey. “ME,” a poignant reflection on self-love, and “BRAVE,” symbolizing her bold steps as a female African string artist, to help showcase her mastery and growth. Both pieces embody the dedication, learning, and discipline required to navigate the intricate world of string art.


Whenever she wants to start a new project, she would consider the image she wants to create, and then think about the patterns that would appear within this image. She then makes calculations on how she would bring it to life. She would place nails at the extremes of the canvas while putting the calculations into consideration: this is where the threads will go. String art, being an accessible form of creativity has found its way into Lagos’ event itinerary. Different brands have reached out to Temi to bring this art into their worlds in the form of collaborative projects. “What they needed was a way to engage their audience, so they asked me to come up with something that would reflect their values.”


Temi would create a basal, or skeletal form of the project, and then assist attendees to wrap their own strings on the canvas, giving them the satisfaction of engagement, and maybe sparking new interest in the artform itself. “Everyone felt like they contributed to something important and there is a certain fulfillment in that.” She has worked with the NBA on three projects namely: NBA Finals Watch Party, NBA x Henessy party and the NBA Meets Arts Party. She has also worked with the Bombay Sapphire for Lagos Cocktail Week and Alte Culture Festival. 


She has also given back with community driven initiatives, introducing children living in Lagos ghettos to the art form. Her last outreach in the Kusenla community involved over 15 attendees who have since maintained interest in creating more String Art, pushing it further into the Nigerian mainstream. “I really enjoyed working with the children,” She said “Their excitement really made me happy. It felt like I was doing something right.” 


Temi Omisakin alongside Kusenla Community

Temi Omisakin alongside Kusenla Community


Temi Omisakin approaches her work with renewed confidence and determination. “I know this is what I am supposed to do, and I find peace in doing it.” She said. As one of the first set of creatives within Nigeria to practice this kind of art on a larger scale, she has served as a point of contact for numerous people looking to create for themselves. The ones who would otherwise be held back by a lack of affinity for drawing or colour theory. Not only does she actively mentor people to also practice, her presence in the Nigerian creative space is testament enough to encourage individuals that creativity is never out of reach. Temi intends to create String Art full time, and pass across positive messages that reflect her growth as a person and other causes that she is passionate about. Creativity is not about the medium, it is all about the heart– or art.


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