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Audira’s Sonic Blend is Fresh and Promising

Audira wearing sun glasses

In the pulsating world of music, where genres intertwine and narratives find expression through melodies, emerges the enigmatic artist — Audira, born Odera Nelson. His music, a fusion of Afrobeats and dancehall, comes across as a rich mosaic of influences drawn from diverse cultural experiences. 


Growing up in the 2000s, Audira’s early exposure to the tunes of Abba, Lionel Richie, and the rap anthems of 50 Cent and Tupac laid the foundation for a musical identity that transcends temporal and cultural boundaries. He was raised with a love for music, his parents may not have been musically inclined, but their impeccable taste left an indelible mark on Audira’s sonic palate.


The genesis of Audira’s name, a portmanteau of “Audio” and his given name Odera, mirrors the artist’s synthesis of identity and passion. On the eve of his 18th birthday, Audira made the decision to venture into music professionally. He released an EP called “The Experiment” where he flirted with various genres like EDM, country ballad, and electronic music. He does all these with a consistent afrobeats cadence. His lyrics are centred around love, new love, love lost and a longing for a mystery partner. This project has since garnered over 20 thousand plays across all platforms.


While university education briefly diverted Audira’s attention, his ambition remained steadfast. Leaving Nigeria in 2015 for Moscow, Russia, and later relocating to the UK in 2021 for further studies, Audira continues to cultivate his musical identity. Each chapter of his journey, whether in academia or cultural transitions, added a unique hue to the canvas of his art. He released singles like: Beautiful, Only One and Juana– catchy dancehall songs that mix Nigerian afrobeats with caribbean and reggaeton sounds.


Audira’s migration from Nigeria to the UK brought him face to face with the contrasting landscapes of the music scenes in both regions. The UK’s multicultural tapestry is diverse with different crowds dedicated to certain type of sounds, while Nigeria’s music scene remained firmly rooted in Afrobeats. In conversation, Audira acknowledges the challenge of finding his audience in the UK scene but he also realises that there is a growing appreciation for Afrobeat in the UK, and he intends to be one of the forebearers championing “‘Afrobeats to the world.” 


Describing his music as a true reflection of his inner self, Audira emphasizes storytelling as the soul of his creations. Whether drawing from personal experiences or narratives of others, his music is a harmonious blend of melodies and stories, creating an emotional resonance that transcends cultural boundaries.


Audira’s creative process starts with introspection and retrospection “Before I create any music, I usually go back to my past tracks to remind myself of the quality expected from me. I also go listen to top performing songs on the chat like Official UK chat and Billboard, which reminds me of how much amazing music is out there.” The melodies are born from spontaneous hums, sung phrases, and random musings. He would take a break then return 2-3 hours later to fill these melodies with words. He is a perfectionist through and through “For me, the challenging part is recording the track cause I always want to recreate what I hear in my head.” He said.


Beyond the beats and lyrics, Audira envisions his art evoking specific moods and atmospheres. Whether crafting feel-good tunes or soulful ballads, he aims to influence the emotional landscapes of his listeners. Looking toward the future, Audira sees himself establishing a Songwriting community — a collaborative space for talented songwriters, both emerging and established, to create timeless pieces of music. He plans to drop more singles in the near future. Audira, 29 remains dedicated to making great music that connects with the people and stands the test of time.


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