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A Tiny Blot Picks Music Vol.3

The Nigerian music industry revs the engine with another week of superb music. As usual, we went digging for gold, and found it. This here, is the third week of ‘A Tiny Blot Picks Music’.


Artwork Pick:

Bury Me For GoldPayBac iBoro, with Alpha Ojini and Ozone. Designed by Mac Solomon.
(Produced by Retrosearth, Engineered by John Deux)

Designed by Mac Solomon

PayBac iBoro just put out the second single titled ‘Bury Me For Gold’ off his forthcoming ‘West African Goat’ LP. The single’s artwork is an eerie piece of digital art by Mac Solomon. A tombstone is dipped in gold coins. On the tombstone is an epitaph that reads: “West African Goat”. And on top of this grave rests a crow. This album art is a fitting precursor to Paybac’s subject matter that sees him fearlessly attacking his demons, in a tussle for freedom. This is a sensational single that features assists from Alpha Ojini, and the elusive, but impactful Ozone.



Production Pick:

Amen ft. Tiwadara by Davina Oriakhi
(Co-written, produced & engineered, by TiwaDara)



For some time now, TiwaDara continues to keep his brand visible, either with soothing vocals, impeccable production or the undeniable skills he possesses as a sound engineer. On Amen, Tiwadara fuses Reggae and Afrobeats together, adds trappy hi hats and employs the trumpet. Providing Davina with a harmonious instrumental that serves as prayer ground. The music is bliss.



Engineering Pick:

Rich Aunty Vibes by Dunnie
(Produced by Dunnie, Engineered by VTek)


For a top-notch music producer, artiste and songwriter like Dunnie, coming out with incredibly mixed and mastered tracks isn’t a surprise. ‘Rich Aunty Vibes’ is engineered by VTek. It is the third track on Dunnie’s newly released Amazon the EP. A groovy tune swaggering on lifestyle of rich aunties that love to spray money and stunt with little or no care for boring distractions. The engineering on the whole EP is so smooth but ‘Rich Aunty Vibes’ is outstanding.


Feature Pick:

Felt by Oyedele ft. Kido & VRSD
(Production and Engineering by Amire ‘Tosin)


Kido brings spirit and soul of African legends past and current, with an unfeigned feature on Oyedele’s latest release, Felt. Fun, sexy and, cinematic—’Tosin Amire’s instrumental creates a playground for Kido to serenade us, while she yearns for a love that lives forever. Her performance ushers in the interlude for VRSD, to say a very short sweet poetry in Yorùbá, creating environment for the music.




TheBlotted’s Wildcard:

Gara by O’tobi featuring Nolly & Mikesolo
(Produced & engineered by TDurst)


O’Tobi just served his full-length project, ‘Breakfast: Afrogospel Vol. 1’. This body of work has sumptuous songs garnished with relishing production from TDurst. For A Tiny Blot, the best taste comes from ‘Gara’—an Afrobeats song boasting of God’s generous and unequalled love with an enigmatic bilingual lyricism from rapper Nolly, and soft vocal production from Mikesolo.