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A TinyBlot Picks Music Vol.2


The week in review is another one of excellent music dropping from all sides of Nigeria. From Ladipoe’s Providence EP to Sess’ Spotlight project. The sheer range of head nodding music is always a thing to marvel at. We dive into our picks of the week. Engineering Pick is supposed to be Ladipoe’s Love Essential which features Amaarae, but we are yet to get the name, and handle of the mix engineer. Enjoy!




Artwork Pick:

SGAWDSavage Bitch Juice

(Designed by Bvbby and Yayacalmdown)

Neon, zany, and provocative, SGaWD’s new EP, Savage Bitch Juice has an artwork as bold as its title, and the music it carries. It is edgy, with neon lights accompanying elements within the work. There are multicolored citruses, palm trees, a lady, probably savage and a floating lip sipping from a glass cup. All on a pitchblack background. The music speaks to this as well, it is club music that slams, pushing top-of-the-line messages that reinforce self confidence, and the kind of swagger that gives no hoot. The cover art is a collaborative effort between Bvbby and Yayacalmdown.


Back art, Savage Bitch Juice




Production Pick:

Yardie by Mo’Gunz and Nauty

(Produced by Nauty)

Nauty made one of the more refreshing sounds we have heard in recent times, blending afrobeats percussion with trappy hi hats. He adds this with moody chords and a snare that actually pops like a jazz band drum pack. The instrumental is as hypnotic as it is puzzling, leaving listeners curious for more. To round up a solid track, Nauty jumps on a verse himself, and invites drill favorite, Mo’Gunz into a world of afrobeats. This is an earworm.


Feature Pick:

PayBac Iboro on Samvsthekids’ “BACK ON MY FEET”

Paybac Iboro pushes forward to the release of his next album, West African Goat with a heartfelt feature verse on Samvsthekids’ newest release, How Did We Get Here. He raps on sparse piano chords, talking about never letting go of his drive. He then talks about his struggles, which for Paybac seems to be the general hardship Nigerians face. He talks about not letting go from them, drawing parallels to the October 20, 2020 incident with the line “IG live, you go see my execution”. That line alone sets apart this verse, and actually defines the man, Paybac– who is aptly described as the darker, yet safe side of the Nigerian millennial.


Blotted’s Wildcard:

BraynezeeEnchant EP

(Produced by Braynezee)

Braynezee has proved he can make sonic beds and lay on them himself. Evident on his new EP titled Enchant, the producer, songwriter and sound engineer– who went viral last year for his spin on Pixar’s Coco rendition, titled Un Poco Loco (Okporoko)–  creates music across a wide range of topics. He keeps the genre afrobeats, RnB, and soulful, however, sometimes he has shown willingness to experiment on more modern, youthful sounds as well. Enchant is a 5 track EP showing how an Igbo man manoeuvres through a modern world. It is heartfelt, romantic, and at certain times, just downright surreal.



Written and compiled by: Marvis Kamalu